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After 15 years in Grenoble, at IRAM  and LAOG

I am now in the nice city of Bordeaux, since October 2003,

as Astronomer in ERA, the  « Equipe de Radio-Astronomie » of the

Observatoire Aquitain des Sciences de l’Univers

2 rue de l’Observatoire,

F-33270 Floirac,



*   (33) (0) 5 55 77 61 52   (33) (0) 5 57 77 61 10



I am still working on  Star and Planet formation

From Class 0 objects and their associated molecular jets like L1448

To protoplanetary disks around TTauri and Herbig Ae stars like GG Tau or AB Auriga


PdBI: The IRAM array

VLTI/MIDI : The 10  μm interferometer of the VLT (MPIA), installed in Chile at Paranal/ESO.

VISIR: The 10 mum camera of the VLT.

ALMA: The Atacama Large Millimeter Array is a large north American (NRAO), European (ESO) and

Japanese  interferometer currently in construction in the Desert of Atacama, near

San Pedro de Atacama, in Chile.

 I am a member of the ALMA Science Integrated Product Team. 


Scientific Council of PNP: “Programme National de Planetologie

Scientific Council of  PCMI: Physico-Chimie du Milieu Interstellaire”

Scientific Council of the Working Group on “Exo-Planètes

Chairperson of the Scientific Council of ASA: Action Spécifique ALMA




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   WEB pages of some collaborators:

Stephane Guilloteau

Aurore Bacmann

Mike Simon

Hervé Beust

Many thanks  to Christin and .Mezieres for the images from Laureline,& Valerian ( ©Dargaud,editor).

 More information on Laureline can be found at